Photos from Surveying Week

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Geomatics surveying, 3D modelling, OSi visit, and BAM site visit are included.



  1. We had an introduction to surveying and we did an icebreaker. We then talked about what we were going to do for the week . My favorite part of the week was the talk with the quantity surveyor about the google building and what he did on that project. I also liked using the geomatics equipment to calculate distances and angles. The food was also very nice . We also could have spent more time on the B.A.M site .


Day 1

We made our way to Room 446 for half nine. We were introduced to the organisers and other students, and we listened to our schedule for the week. We also learned all about different professions within the area of surveying. We then began participating in ice breaker activities, which got us talking to each other. Afterwards, we were shown where to find the canteen for coffee breaks and lunch. After break, we had several different speakers talking to us about different aspects of DIT. Helen told us about different services they offer students, such as career guidance. Three representatives from a student union then talked to us about what it means to be a representative, and what their experiences in college consist of. Finally, we were told about how our week would be relevant in choosing a course in college. In the afternoon, we took part in an activity at the Kings Inn. We utilised equipment, such as a level, a tripod, and a staff, to survey the height differences between six points. We were split into groups of four, with two first year students. Our team did not win, as we had an error of thirty six centimetres. At the end of the day we were scanned by high tech equipment that could render us in 3D.

Day 2

To begin our second day, we boarded a coach for our journey to a BAM Construction Site. We had leaned a little about what the tour would entail prior. The journey lasted about an hour. Upon arriving, we signed in and piled into a room where we sat down. We watched three construction workers give a presentation of the site; what they were building, how they individually contribute etc. We learned that the building was to be an extension of a nearby child detention centre. Afterwards, we put on our protective gear and headed out. We toured the site, and saw construction workers in action. We had a small tea break before heading back to DIT. In the afternoon, we were given a detailed talk on quantity surveying, by a quantity surveyor. He explained his how he does his job, what work he does, and how he contributes to different planned buildings. At the end of the day, we had to do an exercise involving measuring and pricing a house in pairs.

Day 3

We began the day by getting a presentation from a town planner. She talked about the Docklands, and how they were renovated from an industrial haven into an extension of the city centre. It now caters to many people, with shopping centres, apartment blocks, and headquarters of multinational corporations. We got a tour of the CHQ after a talk from a property salesman. He explained the benefits of getting a job in property and thoroughly recommended it. Our tour guide explained what the CHQ was going to be renovated into, amongst other things. After that, we walked around the docklands, siting notable locations such as the Convention Centre and the Google Headquarters. After lunch, we went to the computer lab and watched a presentation on the cholera outbreak in England. Afterwards, we looked at mapping software. We altered the display of the diagram regarding the spread of cholera. Using the map, we were able to determine the source of the outbreak, which originated at a water pump. At the end of the day, we looked at GPS equipment.

Day 4

At the beginning of Thursday, we went to the lab with Avril, where we learned about 3D modelling. She explained how easy it is to do. We rendered different equipment in 3D using our smart phones’ cameras. We then walked to a different lab where we looked at three dimensional maps whilst wearing 3D glasses. We drew lines on roads and measured heights of different buildings. After that, we used software called Argus to estimate the prices of an area of land in Clontarf which will be used for residential housing. We input different figures in pairs to come up with a final estimation. After lunch we made our way to the Phoenix Park, which is where the Ordnance Survey Ireland headquarters is located, by coach. We were given a presentation, by Andy McGill, on the history of maps. He also explained the process of digitising their map database.

Day 5

To begin our last day, we walked to the Four Courts. After going through security, we walked to a room in which a PowerPoint display was set up. We were given a presentation on the brief history of Property Registration Ireland, which is located in the Four Courts. Greg talked all about how the Property Registration Ireland evolved, and was formed. Thomas talked about his role in Property Registration, and he gave an outline of the digitization methods of maps. He explained the database of folios, how there used to be thirty two thousand documents, and now it is all online. In the past, people had to travel and wait to view these documents, however now they are all archived online. Afterwards, we viewed images of the Four Courts when it caught fire. We then headed back to DIT. In Room 446, we wrote a brief outline on the week, before writing our blog in the computer lab.  

A week surveying in DIT Bolton Street.

The theme of the week was What does a quantity surveyor do?

Our week started on Monday the 28th of April. First thing we introduced ourselves to the group and Helen ran us through our plan for the week and what we should aim to get out of the week as it was a great opportunity. On Monday evening we walked across to Kings Inns park where we did some geomatics field work with the first and second year students. We were showed how to use tools such as a total station, scanner GNSS receiver and a level. We were also showed the crow’s foot level on the wall outside the park.

On Tuesday we started at 8:45 sharp. We got a bus from outside DIT to the BAM construction site in Lusk where the new juvenile detention centre is being built.
We were given a talk and presentation about the site and then we got a tour of the site. In the afternoon we were given a lecture by a former student of DIT and now a quantity surveyor. He showed us a project he was working on to connect all three of the Google buildings by using a bridge.

I was absent on Wednesday but from what I gathered the group were given a tour of the Docklands redevelopement site.
In the afternoon they did work with GPS’.

On Thursday we Avril showed us how to create a 3d model by taking numerous pictures of the object and using an app called autodesk catch 123d.
We were also showed how to map out an area using the 3d computer.
In the afternoon we then visited Ordnance Survey Ireland in the Phoenix Park where we were given a talk about what they do.

Friday was our final day. We visited the four courts where we were shown what they do in their offices and how they have changed their systems over the years.
We then finished off the day by writing our blog about our week which I am just finishing now!

Surveying Blog – Patrick Letanneur

We are in the school of Surveying & Construction Management in DIT Bolton Street. I did this course as part of my TY work experience in Pobalscoil Inbhear Scéine in Co. Kerry.


Today we started off with a lecture by Helen, Charles and Avril, telling us about the field of surveying and the different jobs and courses in surveying. After a few icebreaker activities and some coffee, we met a few representatives of the different student societies here in DIT and they told us about the different campuses of DIT all over Dublin.  In the afternoon we teamed up with a group of year 1 & 2 students. They briefed us on their course and we went to King’s Inn Park and surveyed differant points.


On Tuesday we visited a BAM construction site to see how engineers, surveyors and contractors work together in the field of construction. We then had a lecture in quantity surveying from a post graduate student. He told us about all of the different jobs that a quantity surveyor does. After the lecture we did an exercise in construction measurement.


On Wednesday we had  a lecture from Louise Treacy about city planning and redevelopment. We then went to the Docklands district to look at the renovated buildings. We then learned about Dr. John Snow and his research in cholera and made graphs over an OS map. 


Thursday was mainly based around ordinance survey and 3D mapping. In the morning we made a 3D virtual model of a theodolite and then used 3D glasses to make an OS map. In the afternoon, we went to OSI in Phoenix Park where we had a talk about OS mapping .


On Friday we went to the Land Registration Agency in the Four Courts and learned about land registration and licencing.

What a surveyor does?

Monday: On Monday morning we began the course by looking over what we were going to do by going over the schedule. We did some icebreaker activities and got to know, after we broke for lunch we had the geomatics demonstration this was definetley my favourite part of the course because i enjoyed working with the second year students and using all the different machines needed for geomatics.
Tuesday: On Tuesday Morning we visited the BAM construction site in Lusk.
Wedensday: We had a talk on the docklands redevelopment. When we got back we listened to a video on cholera and John Snow it was pretty good.
Thursday: We started with 3D models and we also used the 123D catch app I really enjoyed this. After this we went to the OSi in Phoenix park.
Friday: We went to the Four Courts.

TY week blog

Day 1

To start my day I got the bus to town. I met up with Jack and we walked to DIT Bolton street. We made our way to room 446 and gave Helen our permission forms and signed the attendance sheet. At 10:30 we did icebreaker activities. The ice breakers were a good way to get to know the other students in the group. We broke for a coffee break for a half hour. We were given a brief talk on what a surveyor does and the opportunities available to us if we chose a career In property or surveying. We met some students from the student union and they told us about the pros and cons of college life. They also told us about the societies in DIT and about the student union. We then had our lunch and came back to room 446 for 2 o’clock. We were split into groups with 1st and 2nd year surveying students and we used surveying equipment in the kings inn park. We used high tech topcon equipment which was worth about 500,000 euro altogether. At the end of the day we were all scanned by a high tech scanner which captured a 3d image of everyone.

Day 2

We met in room 446 at 8:45 and we got on a coach on Bolton street and headed off to a BAM site in Lusk. We got to the site and we were brought into one of the rooms and given the safety equipment we needed to walk around the site. We were given a high-vis jacket, safety glasses, a hard hat, gloves and I brought my own work boots. We were presented with a PowerPoint by  a couple of the men on site. They told us about how they were making an extension onto the children’s detention centre in lusk. They were hired to do this job by a government branch and they told us about the cost and how long the building if the centre will take. We then got a tour of the site and they showed us the cell blocks and different facilities that the detention centre will have. We got the bus back to DIT and had our lunch in the canteen. After lunch we did a construction measurement exercise and figured out the costs of cement and brickwork for a building.

Day 3

We met once again in room 446 at 9:30am. We got a presentation on urban regeneration using the example of the Dublin Docklands. Louise Treacy showed us pictures of the docklands in the 1960s and how much it has changed. She told us about the incentive schemes set up and the master plan to develop the docklands. We then walked to the CHQ building and a past auctioneering student of DIT told us about the development of the building and how it used to be a tobacco and whiskey storehouse. He also told us about how the building cost 45m to renovate and it only sold for 10m. We were also given a tour of the CHQ building. We then left and went for a walk to significant buildings in the docklands such as the grand canal theatre and the Facebook building. We went back to Bolton street and had our lunch. After lunch we went the the computer lab with Niamh and we looked at how John Snow used geomatics to link cholera to sanitation and bacteria in water.

Day 4

The group met in room 446 at 9:30. Avril Behan and Kevin Mooney brought us down to the geomatics lab. With Avril we used our phones to take pictures of an object from different angles and make it into a 3D model. We then went to the room with Kevin Mooney and we looked at ordnance survey maps in 3D using blue and red glasses. After our coffee break we went to the computer room with Eimear Fallon and we used a computer program called Argus. We used Argus to price a piece of land in calibrated on dolly mount avenue. After lunch we got a coach to ordnance survey Ireland (OSI) in the Phoenix park. Andy McGill talked to us about the history of OSI and he went into great detail about the technology used by OSI nowadays compared to in the 1800s.

Day 5

This was our last day and we began the day with a trip to the Four Courts. The security in the courts is very high so when we were going in we had to empty our pockets and we walked through a scanner. After we got in we went to a room where we watched a presentation by Greg and Thomas. They told us a bit about the history of the land registry office and how they have used modern technology to significantly speed up their work. Thomas was telling us that work that could take a year can now be done in 3 or 4 days.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience in DIT Bolton street as I discovered a whole new side to surveying and property that I never knew about.

What does a surveyor do?

My daily diary for the week……


We arrived at DIT Bolton Street and we were given a schedule for the week. Our day began with an ice breaker activity so that everyone got the chance to get to know the group. We were hen given a brief introduction as to what surveying is. In the afternoon we learned about the Geomatics side of surveying, we did some height and distance measurements in the local park using some of the equipment that a surveyor would deal with on a daily basis.


On Tuesday the group went on a site visit to Lusk where BAM were working a new child detention centre. The whole project was explained to us (costs etc.), we got a presentation from the quantity surveyor on the site. We got another presentation from another quantity surveyor in the afternoon, we all learned a lot from this presentation and our skills were put to the test when we had to do some basic calculations after the talk.


We went to the Docklands and learned about the change in the price of property over the last number of years. We got talks from the quantity and the property surveyors who were over the Docklands project. In the afternoon we learned about cholera and the making of maps.


We made 3d models on computers and how this is useful in map making. We also visited OSI in the Phoenix Park and we got a presentation on the work that they do on a daily basis.


We visited the Four Courts and learned about the Property Registration Authority and the work that they do, also the advancements that have been made since the beginning of the organisation.