A week surveying in DIT Bolton Street.

The theme of the week was What does a quantity surveyor do?

Our week started on Monday the 28th of April. First thing we introduced ourselves to the group and Helen ran us through our plan for the week and what we should aim to get out of the week as it was a great opportunity. On Monday evening we walked across to Kings Inns park where we did some geomatics field work with the first and second year students. We were showed how to use tools such as a total station, scanner GNSS receiver and a level. We were also showed the crow’s foot level on the wall outside the park.

On Tuesday we started at 8:45 sharp. We got a bus from outside DIT to the BAM construction site in Lusk where the new juvenile detention centre is being built.
We were given a talk and presentation about the site and then we got a tour of the site. In the afternoon we were given a lecture by a former student of DIT and now a quantity surveyor. He showed us a project he was working on to connect all three of the Google buildings by using a bridge.

I was absent on Wednesday but from what I gathered the group were given a tour of the Docklands redevelopement site.
In the afternoon they did work with GPS’.

On Thursday we Avril showed us how to create a 3d model by taking numerous pictures of the object and using an app called autodesk catch 123d.
We were also showed how to map out an area using the 3d computer.
In the afternoon we then visited Ordnance Survey Ireland in the Phoenix Park where we were given a talk about what they do.

Friday was our final day. We visited the four courts where we were shown what they do in their offices and how they have changed their systems over the years.
We then finished off the day by writing our blog about our week which I am just finishing now!


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