Surveying Blog – Patrick Letanneur

We are in the school of Surveying & Construction Management in DIT Bolton Street. I did this course as part of my TY work experience in Pobalscoil Inbhear Scéine in Co. Kerry.


Today we started off with a lecture by Helen, Charles and Avril, telling us about the field of surveying and the different jobs and courses in surveying. After a few icebreaker activities and some coffee, we met a few representatives of the different student societies here in DIT and they told us about the different campuses of DIT all over Dublin.  In the afternoon we teamed up with a group of year 1 & 2 students. They briefed us on their course and we went to King’s Inn Park and surveyed differant points.


On Tuesday we visited a BAM construction site to see how engineers, surveyors and contractors work together in the field of construction. We then had a lecture in quantity surveying from a post graduate student. He told us about all of the different jobs that a quantity surveyor does. After the lecture we did an exercise in construction measurement.


On Wednesday we had  a lecture from Louise Treacy about city planning and redevelopment. We then went to the Docklands district to look at the renovated buildings. We then learned about Dr. John Snow and his research in cholera and made graphs over an OS map. 


Thursday was mainly based around ordinance survey and 3D mapping. In the morning we made a 3D virtual model of a theodolite and then used 3D glasses to make an OS map. In the afternoon, we went to OSI in Phoenix Park where we had a talk about OS mapping .


On Friday we went to the Land Registration Agency in the Four Courts and learned about land registration and licencing.


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