TY week blog

Day 1

To start my day I got the bus to town. I met up with Jack and we walked to DIT Bolton street. We made our way to room 446 and gave Helen our permission forms and signed the attendance sheet. At 10:30 we did icebreaker activities. The ice breakers were a good way to get to know the other students in the group. We broke for a coffee break for a half hour. We were given a brief talk on what a surveyor does and the opportunities available to us if we chose a career In property or surveying. We met some students from the student union and they told us about the pros and cons of college life. They also told us about the societies in DIT and about the student union. We then had our lunch and came back to room 446 for 2 o’clock. We were split into groups with 1st and 2nd year surveying students and we used surveying equipment in the kings inn park. We used high tech topcon equipment which was worth about 500,000 euro altogether. At the end of the day we were all scanned by a high tech scanner which captured a 3d image of everyone.

Day 2

We met in room 446 at 8:45 and we got on a coach on Bolton street and headed off to a BAM site in Lusk. We got to the site and we were brought into one of the rooms and given the safety equipment we needed to walk around the site. We were given a high-vis jacket, safety glasses, a hard hat, gloves and I brought my own work boots. We were presented with a PowerPoint by  a couple of the men on site. They told us about how they were making an extension onto the children’s detention centre in lusk. They were hired to do this job by a government branch and they told us about the cost and how long the building if the centre will take. We then got a tour of the site and they showed us the cell blocks and different facilities that the detention centre will have. We got the bus back to DIT and had our lunch in the canteen. After lunch we did a construction measurement exercise and figured out the costs of cement and brickwork for a building.

Day 3

We met once again in room 446 at 9:30am. We got a presentation on urban regeneration using the example of the Dublin Docklands. Louise Treacy showed us pictures of the docklands in the 1960s and how much it has changed. She told us about the incentive schemes set up and the master plan to develop the docklands. We then walked to the CHQ building and a past auctioneering student of DIT told us about the development of the building and how it used to be a tobacco and whiskey storehouse. He also told us about how the building cost 45m to renovate and it only sold for 10m. We were also given a tour of the CHQ building. We then left and went for a walk to significant buildings in the docklands such as the grand canal theatre and the Facebook building. We went back to Bolton street and had our lunch. After lunch we went the the computer lab with Niamh and we looked at how John Snow used geomatics to link cholera to sanitation and bacteria in water.

Day 4

The group met in room 446 at 9:30. Avril Behan and Kevin Mooney brought us down to the geomatics lab. With Avril we used our phones to take pictures of an object from different angles and make it into a 3D model. We then went to the room with Kevin Mooney and we looked at ordnance survey maps in 3D using blue and red glasses. After our coffee break we went to the computer room with Eimear Fallon and we used a computer program called Argus. We used Argus to price a piece of land in calibrated on dolly mount avenue. After lunch we got a coach to ordnance survey Ireland (OSI) in the Phoenix park. Andy McGill talked to us about the history of OSI and he went into great detail about the technology used by OSI nowadays compared to in the 1800s.

Day 5

This was our last day and we began the day with a trip to the Four Courts. The security in the courts is very high so when we were going in we had to empty our pockets and we walked through a scanner. After we got in we went to a room where we watched a presentation by Greg and Thomas. They told us a bit about the history of the land registry office and how they have used modern technology to significantly speed up their work. Thomas was telling us that work that could take a year can now be done in 3 or 4 days.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience in DIT Bolton street as I discovered a whole new side to surveying and property that I never knew about.


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