What does a surveyor do?

My daily diary for the week……


We arrived at DIT Bolton Street and we were given a schedule for the week. Our day began with an ice breaker activity so that everyone got the chance to get to know the group. We were hen given a brief introduction as to what surveying is. In the afternoon we learned about the Geomatics side of surveying, we did some height and distance measurements in the local park using some of the equipment that a surveyor would deal with on a daily basis.


On Tuesday the group went on a site visit to Lusk where BAM were working a new child detention centre. The whole project was explained to us (costs etc.), we got a presentation from the quantity surveyor on the site. We got another presentation from another quantity surveyor in the afternoon, we all learned a lot from this presentation and our skills were put to the test when we had to do some basic calculations after the talk.


We went to the Docklands and learned about the change in the price of property over the last number of years. We got talks from the quantity and the property surveyors who were over the Docklands project. In the afternoon we learned about cholera and the making of maps.


We made 3d models on computers and how this is useful in map making. We also visited OSI in the Phoenix Park and we got a presentation on the work that they do on a daily basis.


We visited the Four Courts and learned about the Property Registration Authority and the work that they do, also the advancements that have been made since the beginning of the organisation.


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