Day 2 – Cian Mc

we went on a site vist to a construction of a children’s detention centre in Lusk


Day 3

Talk on Regeneration of the docklands area and also visit inside some of the new buildings

The big dog speaks

hey bloggers out there! this past week i’ve been attending a course in DIT on bolton street. it was and interesting experience. we got a taste of how a surveyor works and what type of work they do. the first day we participated in field work. we took a look at what instruments and tools a surveyor uses on the job to scan buildings, to plot points and to measure distance. we were given a chance to use the tools and work them. this was a good experience.

D.I.T by Killian

Hey! I am very excited to share great news with you guys about my week in D.I.T. I had a blast ! I learned so much about surveying i think i could get my degree already HA HA HA. My highlights of the week were using all the expensive equipment it was pretty neat! I also enjoyed the the 3D mapping it was really in 3D i could hardly believe it . Technology is amazing these days. The only negative was it was too short !! Bring on week 2 please

My week in DIT – David Reynolds

Monday- on Monday we started with a talk about DIT and about the surveying school here. Later in the afternoon we went to kings inn park and did geomatics fieldwork there using different technologies.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had to be in early so we could go to a site visit in lusk co. Dublin. There we met with the contractor BAM and learned about their work there. Later we had a talk from a QS  about his work.

Wednesday- On Wednesday we went for a walk around the Dublin docklands and had two talks about the docklands redevelopment project. Later using map software we found out how john snow located the source of cholera in London.

Thursday- on Thursday we  learned how the OSi made maps using 3d overlapping. Later we busted the OSi headquarters in the Phoenix park and got a talk there.

Friday- today we visited the four courts and got a talk there about the land registry in Ireland in the afternoon we wrote this blog and finished our week in DIT.

I did did enjoy the week and got a good insight to the role of a surveyor